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Decoupage or Découpage

Wikipedia defines Decoupage or Découpage as the art of decorating an object by gluing coloured paper cut-outs onto it in combination with special paint effects (Genuine Heritage Modge Podge) gold leaf and other decorative elements. Commonly, an object like a small box or an item of furniture is covered by cut-outs from magazines or from purpose-manufactured papers.

Genuine Heritage Modge Podge:

a quick build-up vanish for Decoupage * also an adhesive and sealer * water-based * dries quickly * dries clear * available in a matt, satin or gloss finish * use on raw wood, painted surfaces, plastic, tiles, glass, ceramics, fabric, paper maché, Styrofoam, cardboard etc. * clean brushes with water

Basic Decoupage Instructions:

  • Use Genuine Heritage Acrylic to paint your surface or object.
  • When dry, apply a thin coat of Genuine Heritage Modge Podge over the painted surface with a sponge applicator or paint brush (apply / paint in one direction only) and allow to dry.
  • Cut out your print very carefully with a craft knife or sharp pair of scissors.
  • Apply a generous amount of Genuine Heritage Modge Podge with a sponge applicator or paint brushto the back of your print, ensure that the entire surface is covered. Alternatively, you can apply the Genuine Heritage Modge Podge directly onto the painted surface in the approximate position where you wish to glue the print.
  • Position the print very carefully, do not press the print down at this stage.
  • Lift a part of the print and very gently start smoothing out the air bubbles with a rubber roller. It is best to try rolling from the centre towards the edges, continue doing so gently until you are satisfied that all the bubbles have been removed.
  • Gently remove any excess Genuine Heritage Modge Podge with a damp cloth or sponge and then allow to dry.  
  • Several thin coats should be applied to a print, up to ten, remember to allow each coat to dry thoroughly before applying the next coat.
  • Each coat must be applied in the opposite direction i.e. one coat vertically, once dried, the next coat horizontally.
  • Once all prints have been glued, the same process must be followed on the entire surface.
  • Once thoroughly dried, use 1200 water paper to gently sand the entire surface (dip the sandpaper into water before sanding).
  • After sanding apply 4 to 5 layers of Genuine Heritage Modge Podge and continue the process until satisfied with the finish.

Top Tips:

  • Never dip a wet or dirty brush into your Genuine Heritage Modge Podge this will contaminate the fluid, always pour into a saucer and work from the saucer and do not pour any left-over fluid back into the bottle.
  • To remove a stubborn air bubble try using a pin to prick the bubble to release the air and roll over with a rubber roller.
  • Genuine Heritage Modge Podge takes about 30 minutes to dry between applications.
  • Use a hair dryer to speed up drying time.
  • Use our large range of imported Decoupage Paper for your project.
  • Should you wish to “layer” your prints, remember to start with the underlying design elements and work upward.
  • Apply Genuine Heritage Polyurethane Hard Varnish for an extra hard finish (available in Matt or Gloss).
Modge Podge available in Gloss Satin and Matt

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