Featured Artists

Alfred Erasmus

(Self-taught established artist)

 Contact Number: 072 081 4203


Alfred grew up as a humble young boy with his three brothers in Dinwiddie, Germiston.  Alfred was always fond of going into the veld and vlei opposite his parent’s home after school where he would often run in the veld paths with tall grass brushing through his fingers and cosmos flowers blowing and swaying in the wind here and there.  It was this that forever touched his soul as a young boy, remained in his memories which he later expressed into his artworks where one can see nature brought to life.

Schooling and what motivated Alfred to paint

Alfred grew up in a middle-class home, but was not as privileged as his peers.  He always did his best in whatever he did. He took up art as a subject, but was never recognised for the passion and talent he had.  It was only later in life at the age of 37 that he decided to pursue his passion and dream to become a full time artist.

Change of career path

After completing school in 1987, Alfred was forced to join the Army from February 1988 to December 1989. Soon after completing his National Service he tried his best to find work in the corporate world. He worked for two large companies as a clerk at StanGen and Capital Alliance, where he worked hard for 8 years.  Unfortunately in June of 2003, Alfred suffered a serious and unexpected spine injury which forced him to resign.  This was a big challenge for him as he was not able to be employed again. He suffered many years in pain.  It was here that Alfred refused to give up and he decided to start painting in an effort to empower himself and hope to become a successful artist in South Africa.  Alfred has been a successful artist for 17 years and has done many commissioned art works for clients and businesses alike.

Alfred has exhibited his masterpieces in exclusive Art Galleries like The Art Window Centurion, Orange Plum Highveld Shopping Centre, Pierre Van Ryneveld Shopping Centre, Classic Arts Boksburg Flora Farm, Various Coffee Shops and Furniture Shops around Gauteng and Pretoria and also does solo exhibitions at Hotels and Shopping Malls alike.  His commission works of Art are proudly hung and celebrated in huge Corporate Companies like Scaw Metals Germiston, Everite Group Midvaal, Infra Consult Germiston, Brokers, Medical Suites and Many Private Homes.

Alfred continues to push forward in his art career.  He loves the interaction with people at his solo exhibitions and speaks about his life journey and struggles, in hoping to inspire people with his story and artwork.  His use of vibrant colours is what captures people’s attention, but the detail he expresses in his paintings leaves one breathless… speechless.  His artworks are highly recommended and purchased as investment pieces.

Alfred recently visited the Heritage Craft Products Offices in Selby Johannesburg and showed the team some of his master pieces which have all been down using Genuine Heritage Craft Acrylic.

We at Heritage Crafts are delighted that Alfred chooses our brand and thank you for sharing your work with us.

We wish you all the best in all of your future endeavours!

Follow Alfred on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/alfredart.erasmus


Rina Tredoux

(Self-taught Artist)

 Contact Number: 082 940 676 2


As far back as Rina’s memory goes, drawing, doodling and any form of creative expression, has always been her happy space…and still is!

Although born and raised in Pretoria, Johannesburg has been considered her home for the past 30 years.

Rina mainly works in acrylic paint on canvas, wood or any suitable surface, and is able to turn functional items into finely detailed works of art.

As for so many, Covid and the 2020 lockdown, brought about hard but  necessary changes in her life, and thanks to the support from dear friends she was finally able realise her life long dream of practicing art fulltime.

Rina has worked and enjoyed working in many different industries in her life.

She was part owner of an electrical and lighting business for around 20 years, worked in property sales, made beautiful candles and unique beaded jewelry and even briefly applied herself self to building a career in the corporate world. A diverse career over the years with experience gathered in many industries, yet she admits, that inevitably she has always found herself reaching for a paint brush in order to save her sanity!

Creating beautiful things brings her joy! Rina believes that if anything she paints or creates brings even a tiny little bit of that joy to the person on the receiving end of that creation, her work is done!

Rina’s incredible ability and attention to detail is one of her passions and is evident in her paintings. The detail she is able to apply to her work, make them appear photo-like!

Although a Fine Artist, Rina has been instrumental in creating pieces for us to showcase our products on our website. She used a variety of painting and crafting techniques, some of which she has never tried, but with her incredible talent every piece has turned out to be an absolute masterpiece.

Rina chooses Heritage Craft Acrylic for all her work!

The Heritage Craft Products Team wish Rina every bit of success for the future!!

Please feel free to contact Rina and have a work of art commissioned by this truly talented Artist!

Rina Tredoux’s work done for heritageonline.co.za (all done with Genuine Heritage Craft Products Acrylic Paint and Mediums)


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